About the Property

2428 Hillsboro Quay is a one-story single-family 3/2.0 home in the desirable Hunt Club Forest subdivision of Princess Anne Neighborhood. With a generous 2-car attached garage, 1,706 sqft of finished living space, a quiet neighborhood road with no through-traffic, a fenced backyard, and proximity to highly-ranked public schools, recreation centers, and parks, this property is an attractive option for families, particularly with young children. Forced-air heat and A/C with heatpump, a spacious attic, wood-burning fireplace in the den, and plenty of mature shade trees complement this property nicely. The structure does need some repairs and updates, including rot and termite damage mitigation, and is being sold as-is in a sealed-bid auction.

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Representative Floorplan with Known Structural Damage (hi-rez PDF)


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House has some termite, rodent, and moisture damage in multiple areas, both interior and exterior.  House has been unoccupied for 9 years.  Known damage includes:
* Wood rot on back deck and deck stairs
* Floor rot and rodent damage resulting in localized subfloor flexure in den/living room near sliding glass door
* Rodent damage in kitchen cabinets
* Termite infestation (termite colony killed, but damage remains) along full length of interior load-bearing wall along main hallway parallel with street, including loss of wood trim integrity where interior garage door was mounted
* Termite damage (colony killed, but damage remains) in all four walls of garage, particularly baseboard trim
* Termite damage to crawlspace/foundation wood piers originally found; since mitigated, repaired, and wood replaced by certified termite mitigation contractors
* Minor visual termite damage and wood rot in spots on exterior front and back walls
* Some holes in interior drywall in various rooms (less than 1’ x 1’) for visual inspections (negative evidence of pest damage)
Termite remediation work performed to kill live nest, treat against future infestation, and remove/replace various affected materials, including crawlspace foundation wood.  All work completed/invoices paid: